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Are you living in your ideal house where you experience beauty, comfort and ease, while feeling connecting to nature? Clients of Ed Weber Architects find their dreams, ideas and concepts transformed into precise artistic plans which are made into living artifacts of the built environment we call home. Whether it be new construction, renovation or historic preservation their client centered approach masters the ability to design or modify buildings tailored to the needs and lifestyle of each client with a versatility of style in a wide range of environments.


Ed Weber Architects was formed in 2012 and has become one of the most sought after residential firms in the eastern United States. Whether it is the coastline of Florida, the rugged hills of Appalachia or the compact lots of urban neighborhoods, each project begins by building lasting client relationships through an understanding of their unique needs and quality of the setting. Each home is designed to meet the challenges of climate with energy efficiency, high performance and sustainable design principles.


Providing architectural planning and design services since 1986, Ed Weber has accumulated a wealth of experience working from concept to completion while creating mutually satisfying and rewarding experiences between clients and builders. The homes truly speak for themselves.

Remember us when you work on your next project. We love making dreams come true, and we could do the same for you. From our office to your family, thank you for trusting us with your architecture needs.



WEST VIRGINIA (304) 932 - 8007

Your project begins here by connecting with Ed for your in-home consultation.

1856 Loudon Heights Road

Charleston, WV 25314

(304) 932 - 8007


426 North Shore Drive

Sarasota, FL 34234

(941) 932 - 8945

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I’ve worked with Ed Weber on a number of residential projects and about 6 years ago he designed a renovation project for my house. Several times a year I randomly text Ed and tell him how much I enjoy the work he designed for us. In particular, I have a very special shower that is dramatic and helps begin every day with a bang!


Ed Weber’s vision for our three-season room and outdoor pool far exceeded our own modest ideas when we started working with him.  The soaring ceiling and tall windows bring us much closer to nature than the rest of our house now.  The Endless pool with the unique sliding enclosure makes it possible to swim on all but the very coldest days! We LOVE our new spaces!  In addition, Ed’s attention to detail, and ability to smooth out problems with the contractors are assets that made our project nearly seamless. 


Ed is a wonderful Architect. We have worked with him on many projects in the past and will continue to work with him on many more. Whether you need a remodel or a complete house design, do not hesitate to contact him.

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